The minimum role for any volunteer Story Producer is 2 weeks. However, normally you can extend the two-week stay if discussed prior.

Yes, the CreativeVolunteer program is tailored to those who are already traveling through the various regions within our partner network. However, even if you’re not currently traveling, we still encourage you to apply.

You can have a look at our network of partner organizations to see which countries we currently have programs in.

Yes, the CreativeVolunteer program is free. However, you will be responsible for some fluctuating costs such as paying your host family and personal translator directly.

No experience is required because acceptance into the program is based on the quality of work you produce. Though, we do give preference to those who have spent time abroad.

Free time for sightseeing will be made on an individual basis. However, it is preferred that, as a volunteer, your sole focus is on your project.

Yes, you are responsible for airfare to/from your placement destination.

The minimum age required to volunteer is 18-years-old.

Apply online using the Story Producer Info Form. You should hear back from us within 2-3 business days.

The application process is, generally, never more than a week from application submission.

Upon placement, you automatically share rights to your project with CreativeVolunteer and the partner organization.