How Does It Work


Step 1: You find a volunteer opportunity in our network that you’re interested in and passionate about.

Step 2: You fill out the application.

Step 3: Our team will review your application and portfolio of work. You will hear back from us within 2-3 days.

Step 4: If we believe you could fit one of our partner organizations’ volunteer opportunities, we will hold a virtual interview (internet access required).

Step 5: If all goes well, you will enroll in our week-long volunteer training course to prep you for the role, review location/ partner information, learn basic ethical storytelling, and overall virtues of the CreativeVolunteer program.

Step 6: Once the course is passed, you will be sent placement information and asked for your arrival date.

Step 7: The partner organization will prepare a host family and translator for your arrival. All volunteer creators are responsible for direct payment to host family + translator for your stay. Amount of pay will vary depending on location and length of stay.

Step 8: A one week “Adjustment Period” is required in order to become comfortable with the environment and let the subjects of the story become comfortable with you.

Step 9: CreativeVolunteer will send you the backstory to the circumstance you are responsible for documenting for the partner organization (pre-determined with the partner organization). When internet provides, we will link up for one more virtual meeting to discuss the story and answer questions you may have.

Step 10: The rest of your placement will be spent documenting and turning words into a full story.

Step 11: Within two weeks of your placement ending, submission of your story to our organization is required.

Step 12: Our review team will ensure that it adheres to our organizational policies and promises.

Step 13: We will send the story to our partner organization who will share the story with the subjects for review.

Step 14: Any edit requests are to be made within a week of submission and returned within a week of the request.

Step 15: The final story will be placed on the CreativeVolunteer editorial schedule and turned to the partner organization for rights-free usage.