10 Great Videos About Volunteering and Giving Back

videos about volunteering and giving back

Everybody loves a feel-good video. Here are some videos which should lift your spirit and bring warmth to your soul.

We’ve compiled a list of 10+ videos that lend the spirit of giving back to a community and this world and that should put a smile on your face.

Here are 10 Videos that Lend the Spirit of Volunteerism and Giving Back

1. TrueMove H: Giving (03:03)

The video, which is an advertisement for a mobile phone company in Thailand, was saw crazy reaction spread in September. With 14 million views, it is clear that people were moved by this simple story of goodness, which was awarded 30 years later.

2. Preschool Kindness (02:37)

Ethan and Emily are two best friends who started giving back early — while still in preschool, they raised over $5000 for a local food bank. Priceless quote: “It feeled great!”

Ethan and Emily are preschool buddies who showed the heart and compassion for others early on. When they were still in kindergarten, they raised over $5,000 for a local food bank. Plus, they are super cute.

3. The New York Subway Signs Experiment (01:32)

Nothing like surprise laughter and a feel-good connection when you least expect it – like down in the subway of New York. This video is proof that little acts and gestures of kindness can make a day and put a smile on the face of others.

4. Hurricane Sandy recovery: Stories from P.S. 207 Rockwood Park (04:04)

The need for disaster relief can generate great generosity. This video shows teachers affected by Hurricane Sandy rebuilding their classes with the support of the organization Donors Choose.

5. Middle School Football Players Execute Life-Changing Play (03:22)

This story of a perfectly planned act of kindness by a football team from Michigan for its teammate is a good example of how generosity can affect both the donor and the recipient.

Some stories are bigger than sports.

6. Street Compliments? (03:29)

This kind of kindness costs absolutely nothing and takes little time, but it can change a person’s day for the better – to praise someone you love! Credit to SoulPancake for this one.

7. Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats – Kid CEO! (03:31)

A nine-year-old Canadian girl started her own bake sale and continues to donate half her income to a local nursing home. The total amount so far? Over $8,000.

8. Paying For People’s Drive Thru (02:10)

Whether you are a fast food addict or a healthy dieter, it is impossible not to smile at the young people who caused a generous chain reaction by paying for the car behind them at the entrance.

9. GOOD LOOK: Mentors for Students (02:36)

City Year, a non-profit program that addresses the problem of early school dropouts by attracting volunteers aged 17-24 to a mentor program for primary and secondary school students for ten months of the school year.

10. Hello #SOCKTOBER! Love, Kid President (04:40)

Last month, Kid President, with his lively temperament, successfully campaigned for the homeless, mobilizing citizens on the Internet. Equally impressive – this film by all participants!

BONUS: Pop Culture Videos to Inspire Giving!

God’s Plan: Music Video by Drake

All We Do: Music Video by Oh Wonder

I Am Here: Video Presentation by Beyonce

The charity: water Story

The Blind Side

Hotel Rwanda

Cultivating the Spirit of Volunteering and Giving Back

As Americans, giving back is in our blood. It’s a part of our history and charity is a big staple of this nation. We were founded on virtues of generosity and it has carried us this far.

Hopefully, by seeing these videos, you are inspired to create your own volunteer or project to give back. After all, videos are one of the best way to inspire others to give. We think these ones did a pretty good job of showing that.

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