10 Creative Fundraising Events for Your Nonprofit Organization

10 Creative Fundraising Events for Your Nonprofit Organization

As you get started on the nonprofit journey, you’ll probably be scratching for creative fundraising event ideas. We know we were. Here, we have compiled a list of them to get your mind in the right place. However, feel free to put your own creative take on them!

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit Organization

Here are some fun ideas for your organization:

1. Themed Pub Crawl

Ever host a pub crawl to raise funds for your organization? It can be a great way to have fun and raise money at the same time, but sometimes they grow old.

Instead, why not add a theme to it? Perhaps, turn it into the Olympics. Create teams or ‘countries’ and host different events. That’s just one idea, but we’re sure you can come up with something even more creative!

2. Costume Sporting Event

Hosting a sporting tournament is always an attractive fundraiser, especially for the sports-lovers of your community. But how about throwing a twist on it – a costumed event.

What do we mean? Why not host a superhero capture the flag contest to raise money? Or a famous character’s from Hollywood movies pool tournament.

Anything you can do to throw a twist on the norm will bring more attention to your fundraiser.

3. Gala

Gala’s may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a hell of a way to bring awareness and needed resources to your organization’s cause. But if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right!

There’s usually a level of expectation at Gala’s that don’t exist at a number of these other fundraising events.

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4. Clothes Drive

This may only be applicable way to raise awareness and resources for a handful of causes, however, it’s a great way to promote reduce of waste and resourcefulness. For example, maybe you can collect lightly worn old shoes or old winter jackets.

We’re sure you can find a way to incorporate it into your fundraising plan and, if anything, you’ll be able to help out the less fortunate and spread awareness about your own cause.

5. Text-a-Thon

Looking for a fundraising plan that is not so focused on the local community? What about a text-a-thon?

Phone-a-thons are regular events that usually take place at universities and even some philanthropic engagements – but what about a new-age text-a-thon?

Give people the convenience of simply responding to a text message with a pledge. That way, they don’t have to talk on the phone or inconvenience themselves in any way.

6. Eating Contest / Bake-off

A hotdog eating contest is the go-to, but see if you can get creative with it. Perhaps you partner with your local pub and hold a chicken wing eating contest – with some of the proceeds going toward your cause.

This can work the same with a local pizza joint. Get outside of the box. An original idea always wins!

7. Treadmill Relay

You’re planning an active fundraiser but it’s the middle of winter – what do you do? You can’t host an event in the winter’s cold.

How about a treadmill relay! Similarly to above, you can partner with a local gym for a special discounted day rate and part of the proceeds will go to your cause.

Organize teams and a treadmill relay race – it’s pretty self-explanatory. Make sure to collect donations at these events on top of what you’ve worked out with the hosting establishment. And ask the establishment if they’d like to make a further contribution to your cause, too!

8. 3-v-3 Basketball Tournament

Ready for another tournament? We remember participating in charity basketball tournaments in our earlier days and they were always so fun and competitive.

You can make it as official or casual as you feel necessary and incorporate mini competitions in-between the games to raise funds for your campaign. There are really endless possibilities – a silent auction on the side always does really well especially with a few big-ticket items up for bid!

9. Bowl For a Cause

Bowling night can always be a simple fund raiser. Make a deal with the alley to get a percentage of the profits shared with your cause – let’s say 50% ! You never know.

Then, all you have to do is the advertising of the event to your local community. It’s never too hard to get a sizable group out to bowl for a cause.

Here’s an idea: Make it a competition – which high school can show the most support in your community or which local company donates the most!

10. Birthday Initiative

Here’s another global effort, though, we must say we didn’t come up with it. It’s called the birthday initiative and ever since charity : water did it several years ago, it has been a huge success for thousands of organizations.

Even Facebook gives the possibility of self-hosted birthday initiatives now. The idea is simple:

Ask your community to give up the gifts this year and, instead, they ask for donations to your cause from their family and friends. T

This is a fundraiser of exponential growth and fairly simple to implement depending on the giving spirit of your community.

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Start Fundraising for Your Organization!

Hopefully these ideas have sparked an idea of your own and you’re able to get started with your organization’s new campaign soon!

If you would like more information on how CreativeVolunteer can help your organization, feel free to reach us at partner@volunteer-opportunities.org.

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