The CreativeVolunteer Story

A message from the Founder:

In 2017, I went to Africa with my Grandad. Among other goals, one of ours was to help out a cause. Any cause.

We ended up at a youth organization largely because it was the only one that fit my budget. And, trust me, it was the only affordable option I found even after months and months of searching online.

I thought, ‘how the hell can any backpacker afford a week-long volunteer program for $600?’

Then, a few years later, I found myself in a good position to give to a few charities that I trusted and, yet, found myself disappointed with my donor experience.

Firstly, it’s important to note that I did and DO trust these organizations. Trust has become a big controversy of the nonprofit sector in the last twenty years as nearly half of all Americans have admittedly lost trust in charitable-based work. That seems like a huge problem and I think I have a hunch to what’s happened.

Many, many organizations have picked up an increasingly corporate image and, instead of focusing on the people of the cause, they have become more interested in presenting the financial impact of your donation.

You know what I’m talking about – organizations who tell you that you can feed five starving children for $40 a month. Or send one to school for only $14 a month. Something like that.

It’s great to know these numbers, but it’s important to educate donors, too, about the problem. Or else those children will remain nothing but numbers and we lose an opportunity for a deeper connection.

Instead, what we need are more stories. Good storytelling is what connects the world and brings us all a little closer. More than anything, human connection seems to be the solution to regaining trust in charities.

But the sad reality is – most small organizations lack the skills and personnel to tell such stories.

My questions is: Why can’t there be an opportunity for the budget traveler (often with awesome creative skills) to volunteer their time in collaboration with the small-to-mid-level organizations of the world to amplify the story of the people whose voices we often don’t get to hear?

That’s why I’ve created CreativeVolunteer. It’s a platform to connect travelers or those who have a knack for creating compelling content to organizations that need it most.

Thank you for your interest in our mission. Whether you’re interested in the cause, want to volunteer, want to partner, or just want to support us — we’re glad you’re here.

Enjoy your experience because we enjoy having you.


Adam J. Cheshier